Thursday, November 22, 2012

Creation of an Easy to Read Font

by Claudia, This post originally appeared at Radioactive Lab Rats

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone is stuffed with turkey or maybe just lots of veggies. If turkey than you may be feeling the effects of the L-Tryptophan, but maybe you can follow my rambling and make it to the end of my thoughts.  And if its the veggies that sends you to sleep then maybe you need some caffeine.
The act ewtn vore…
      Can you read this?
With the new age of technology and the popularity of I-pods, I-pads, and smartphones it comes with the trouble of tiny fonts that are challenging for anyone to read.  For many it just means taking a little extra time and squinting a whole lot.  For others it comes with frustration.  Those with dyslexia have trouble reading because sometimes the letters rearrange.  The cat can turn into act, tca, or tac.  In many cases it leads to defeat.
In order to solve this problem, a mobile app designer called Abelardo Gonzalez created a free font that is shaped in a way to make it easier for those suffering from dyslexia. It changes the fonts of the pages to a certain font that is supposed to be easy to read.  It’s pretty cool because he’s making it free, because lets face it when something is free it just makes it that much more awesome.  It allows everyone to use creation.
How does it work? The font itself it made up of letters that have a focus on the bottom of the letter.  The bottom is made bolder compared to the top to prevent the rotating, flipping and moving of letters.   The darker more prominent bottom helps to stop it by making it easier to distinguish the bottom of all the letters.
It’s an app that allows you to capture a picture of something on the web and it converts all the text into the simple font.  It’s a shame that it can’t work on web pages work right away, but it is only a matter of time before Apple or Google make it a viable option. It has also merged with another web browser displayed in the special text.  It has been tested in a school that specializes in teaching those with dyslexia and has been receiving positive results. The creator is currently trying to get the big kids on the block like Amazon and Sony to adopt the font for their e-readers.  Who knows maybe it will be something we will see in the near future.
Are you still awake? Well if you are you have almost made it to the end of my inner contemplation. I would like to think that you have enjoyed it and your Thanksgiving.  Have a lovely day.
About this contributor: Claudia is a high school student with interests in biology, physics, TV  and enjoys discovering new fun facts.

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