Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tips for a “No Illness” Vacation

by valzaby, This post originally appeared at Science World's Future Science Leaders blog.

Let’s all agree that travelling is fun. Seeing new places, meeting new people, eating new foods, all of these are the good aspects of a vacation. However, many people run into the inconvenience of getting travel illness. I mean who doesn’t have that one friend who drank tap water in Mexico and all of a sudden their vacation ended in the bathroom? Perhaps that friend is even you…I know I have been in that boat.  This problem does not only arise when going to countries where the water supply is not the greatest. Whenever we travel, wherever we go, our bodies need to adapt to the new environment and the new food. Some bodies adapt better than other, but there is always a way to better prepare yourself for upcoming trips.
For all those who are planning vacation during spring break to exotic countries, here are a few ways that you can avoid travel sickness. Weather bacterial borne or stress related, the following steps can help eliminate problems altogether:
1)      Drink bottled water, not water from the tap. In many countries the water is not as clean as in Vancouver. It may even be clean enough for the people living there, because they are adapted to the micro-organisms living in it. For travelers these organisms could in fact be very harmful. If you don’t want to buy bottled water, then make sure to always boil your water.
2)      Wash your hands. This should be an obvious one. If you remove the bacteria from your hands and don’t ingest it, you will be healthier.
3)      Get a vaccination against any prevalent diseases in the area you are visiting. If you are protected from a bug in advance, it won’t be able to harm you.
4)      Rest and sleep well. The more sleep you get, the more your body will be capable of fighting germs.
5)      Avoid buying foods from street vendors. Since the food is outside, it has a high chance of containing dangerous micro-organisms. The local people may already be accustomed to it, but as tourists our bodies may react badly.

Thinking of these tips, I was reminded of my vacation to Mexico last year. I wish I had done my research in advance to avoid feeling sick a few days. So if you do have a vacation planned, remember to have fun, but also follow the above tips to stay feeling well. Nobody wants a vacation to end with drinking medicine.

Mazatlan Mexico 2012
 Source: http://www.studentnewsie.com/5-ways-to-avoid-travel-illness-16365/

About this contributor: Valzaby is currently a grade 12 high school student who is both ambitious and motivated, but loves to have fun. Interested in human biology, psychology, dramatic soap opera TV shows and fitness through dance, she is in general a very social and open person.

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