Friday, May 3, 2013

Namaqua Rain Frog

by Claudia, This post originally appeared at Radioactive Lab Rats.

Over the past week [Ed note: post originally appeared February 19] this frog has been gaining a lot of attention. More and more videos of this unique frog are uploaded to the internet for many to see.
The Namaqua Rain Frog is part of the frog family and lives mostly underground in dry tropical areas. It has a petite short body that can be vunerable to predators. In order for it to defend itself it has adapted an unsual trait for protection. Similar to a blowfish it’s body inflates, making it bigger than its normal size. Not only does the appearance of this cute frog puffing itself up like a marshmellow adorable, the sound it makes really makes you want to take it home (not that I telling you to actually take it home, cause you probably shouldn’t take it away from its natural habitat). The frog is able to make a sound that comes out of a dog squeaky toy. Yes take that predators. I know for us humans it may not make it look scary, but the act of cuteness does make sure we don’t harm it. Unfortunately the animal is threatened but we can work towards protecting its habitat. This great frog is just another example of one of mother ature’s precious species.

About this contributor: Claudia is a high school student with interests in biology, physics, TV  and enjoys discovering new fun facts. 

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