Friday, May 31, 2013

Narwhals are real!

by Claudia, This post originally appeared at Radioactive Lab Rats.

As a person living in the age of the Internet I often find myself spending quite a lot of time watching too many YouTube videos.  The random recommended video turns my 15-minute break into 2 hours of entertainment.  A while ago I came across the narwhal song.  Now maybe it’s not just me or it could be, but not until just recently last year did I realize that narwhals are real creatures.  Who would have thought? 
Narwhals are found in the northern arctic region (Like really north, not just Canada north).  They are well known for their tusks that even taller than the tallest man on earth.  Their tusks can range from 13 to 18 feet, just like people theirs quite a bit of variation between the sizes of tusks.  The tusk forms a left helix is actually hollow making it light weight.  They eat cod, cuttlefish and shrimp and swim close enough to suck up the food like a vacuum.  Narwhals also possess the ability to dive to deep depths, which allows them to survive as they swim beneath the thick layers of ice in the north.  And like all creatures they are social and engage in behavior of “tusking” which determines the dominance between the creatures and groups.  Narwhals are fascinating and surprisingly NOT fictional animals present on our wonderful planet earth.
A picture of the cute cartoon version of narwhals:
The real thing:
About this Contributor: Claudia is a high school student with interests in biology, physics, TV  and enjoys discovering new fun facts. 

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