Friday, May 17, 2013

Scrapyard Adventures

by magdissimo, This post originally appeared at Future Science Leaders.

This Monday I went on an adventure to my local junkyard, so I thought for this week’s post I’d tell you a little bit about it.
Maybe I should explain how I found myself in this junkyard in the first place.  In FSL we are encouraged to play around with projects on our own, do our own building, read up on subjects ourselves, and I’m always keen on building things.  Very often I will spend a good afternoon scrolling and hacking my way through the deep forest that is Instructables in hopes that I find something awesome and fairly easy to do.  As it stands there are THOUSANDS of cool projects, many of which I’ve bookmarked into my “Do This Someday” favourites folder, but they often require materials that I don’t have kicking around, can’t afford to have kicking around, or have no idea where to find them so that they could kick around.  And so I started thinking, “Where can I get some of these weird ingredients?  Can you really just go into a store and buy a set of old leather car seats?  Can you even order steel drums online?”
And in a moment of clarity, it hit me: The junkyard!  This oasis of scrap metal and car parts and whosits all waiting for the builder within us all to spring to life and re-make them into something wonderful.

After driving across train tracks to the wharf where I live, getting lost for a while, getting unlost and ultimately coming out with a greater knowledge of the industrial area, I found the junkyward.  Below are some photos of items I would like to refurbish eventually.
This old bed header is screaming to be used in something.

Nestled somewhere in the back, to my utter surprise, were these really old computers including the original vectroscopes.
Everything including the kitchen sink.
The mountain of steel drums.
There were stacks of barely old Macs, all imported from far-off school districts.
This adventure was so inspiring, I recommend that all builders reading this go and find a scrap/junk/wreckyard closest to them and walk around.  Even if you don’t find anything you end up using, it’s a thought-provoking experience.

About this Contributor: M is a high school student in BC, Canada. She can usually be found playing the accordion or working on one of her many building projects and hopes to one day become an inventor. 

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