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Dr. Helen Irene Battle

by MeganN, This post originally appeared at Future Science Leaders.

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 Dr. Helen Irene Battle was a remarkable Canadian scientist and teacher.  She earned a Ph.D. in marine biology and then continued her work by teaching in her hometown, London, Ontario, at the University of Western Ontario. Born in 1903, Dr. Battle made a huge impact on the scientific community.  Even though she passed away in 1994, her contributions will continue to pave the way and inspire future scientists.
Dr. Battle is well known for pioneering the use of fish eggs to study the effects of cancer causing substances on cell growth. She specialized in the physiology, embryology, morphology and ecology of marine organisms.  Her passion for this area of science led her into co-founding the Canadian Society of Zoologists in 1961.  With continuous hard work, Dr. Battle became the President from 1962-1963 of this organization.
As a passionate teacher at the University of Western Ontario for over 50 years, Dr. Battle has won numerous awards and has had a memorial lecture named in her honour.
Dr. Battle is a role model and an inspiration to many with her numerous distinctions.  In fact, Dr. Battle was one of the first zoologists to actively engage in laboratory work instead of field work in marine biology.  She showed that many methods that were also being used in histology and physiology laboratories could be related to marine biology problems.  She looked at the problems in her field in new ways that others had not.  Her thought-process and innovative work gave her an edge on many other scientists.
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