About Double X Science Jr

Who are we?
We are the "daughter" site of Double X Science. Our contributors are girls and boys in the 8-16 age group who think of their own topics and perform their own research and writing. The written posts, when necessary, will have an "Editor's Note" attached from one of the Double X Science editors that provides further explanation and clarification of any "grey areas" and caveats. 

We hope our videos, interviews, science experiments, and essays will answer some of their most perplexing questions while generating even more... 

We welcome constructive criticism and positive feedback. Please keep comments in the best interest of both the readers and contributors. 

Double X Science Jr Editors

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  1. This is so so so cute! :D i've never seen science writers as young as you guys! :D wow! all the very best! I'm also a science writer aspiring to be an example of science writing in my small country (Nepal). And this small blog is a HUGE encouragement for me! :D

    Thank you, guys! :D